EloQ Communications introduces express press release service, with distribution to Southeast Asia countries and beyond

We are pleased to announce our new express press release distribution services. The service covers distribution to not only Vietnam but also other Southeast Asia markets and more.

Aside from providing top-rated communications solutions for a wide range of clients, EloQ Communications also focuses on outside-the-box thinking that it takes to get noticed in today’s crowded marketing landscape. As such, we always look to combine its services into a custom communication strategy that best suits the goals of our clients, and the new express press release service is the result of our effort to cater to a diverse client portfolio.

The new service includes three customized packages. Package A is the traditional distribution package, directly and personally delivers the press release to the desktops of journalists at hundreds of traditional media platforms in the markets of choice across Southeast Asia. The press release can be localized to meet the local media standards and interests. Package B is newswire distribution, delivers the press release to verified emails for journalists and media outlets. EloQ guarantees a minimum number of pick-ups in the target country market, in addition to hundreds of international pick-ups from the media partners. Package C is designed specifically for SEO purpose, where EloQ submits the press release to the diverse blogosphere and syndicated news sites worldwide, allowing the release to get more visibility and the target website to gain a valuable SEO boost.

“EloQ Communications has reliable partners in multiple countries, like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia and many more, so a client can save time and efforts working with us for all the target markets,” said Duy Ly, our Head of External Relations. “Each of our package includes a complimentary publication in EloQ’s Newsroom to further increase the visibility, searchability and exposure. We hope our clients, old and new, can take advantage of this service to boost customer confidence, broadcast brand, and to build the image of their business.”

The express press release service can be accessed at https://www.eloqasia.com/press.html. Companies only need to fill in a short contact form and we will reply to the inquiry within 24 hours.


Read the full announcement in English and Vietnamese in our Newsroom.

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