PR in Coronavirus epidemic: Public relations when the public is absent

The Coronavirus pandemic is raging across more than 200 countries, turning the metropolitan areas bustling day and night into desolate places. Within a few months, the world has changed out of expectation, muddling the living habits of billions of residents.

Businesses are facing numerous difficulties during the epidemic season. All activities freeze, but more than ever, finding customers in PR and marketing to is vital, and needs to be done immediately and effectively. However, when people remind each other #socialdistancing, work from home, restrict to public places, traditional PR methods such as press conferences, customer conferences, trade fairs, activities community service activities (CSR), etc. are facing obstacles to implement. How can we do public relations when the public suddenly “disappeared”?

The answer not only provides a temporary solution in the epidemic, but also significantly improves the PR – marketing activities of the business in the long run.


As the world goes online, the press conference goes live

The public still exist despite the minimization in physical appearance. The Internet is getting livelier with netizens go online all days and nights. Therefore, live streaming press conferences and webinars are effective alternatives to traditional PR forms.

It’s more than just a “plan B”. Online press conferences could bring significant benefits for businesses, allowing them to expand their spread without limitation in space and time, attract new customers, proactively create content for future use, well control of situations, avoid unexpected incidents, save organizing costs, etc.

Webinar is also an effective medium to connect with the audience, share useful knowledge, tend to customer’s inquiry, provide support, etc. Companies can also use webinar conduct internal training during this work-from-home period, and record that video for future training sessions.

If executed well, online press conferences and webinars can effectively help brands reach their potential customers. As traditional markets are struggling, these new opportunities would become their new beacons of hope.

EloQ Communications will assist brands in effectively organizing the perfect online press conferences and webinars. With years of experience and good relationships with reputable suppliers, we will ensure the best technical conditions, the most suitable locations with formal and professional settings, and high quality sound and images system to help the online sessions run smoothly. The script would be prepared meticulously to effectively convey the desired messages, enhance interaction with the target audience, and convert them into customers.

EloQ Communications also actively support brands to distribute press releases on a global scale with 3 flexible packages. The express press release service can be accessed at Companies only need to fill in a short contact form and we will reply to the inquiry within 24 hours.

To become stronger after the storm

These “gap months” is also an opportunity for companies to strengthen their team, refine their expertise, and focus on internal communication. If your company haven’t had a chance to develop a website, blog, fan page … or have but they are still sketchy, then it’s time to make it more beautiful, attractive, opulent, and worthy to be the “face” of the brand.

Social networking is very useful at the moment when more users are online. Brands should consider using influencers/KOLs to increase coverage if necessary. Remember that the key importance lies in interesting and appealing content.

The public have already been overwhelmed by the epidemic information, so if brands continue to stuff this information into their head, readers would become “fed up” and create counterproductive effect. Gentle, witty, practical articles or status, such as “‘Colorful’ meals boost immunity” for fresh food industry, “Full equipment for office at home” for electronics, “10 ways to maximize in-door entertainment” for online entertainment services, “Home fitness for the glorious comeback day” for sport apparel, etc. will be appreciated,

In general, a little indirect PR will make it easier to create empathy, especially in this moment. Do not spread fake news, confuse public opinion, or conduct marketing based on the fear of the public. People are now very sensitive, thus, each steps that the business take would be amplified multiple times comparing to the normal days.

Each brand needs to flexibly choose the optimum PR tactics and content based on its unique characteristics. We can absolutely find opportunities in a crisis for business communication to shine, and when the pandemic is over, orders will come rushing in.

EloQ Communications, with diversified services covering all areas of PR – marketing, always accompanies your business. Together, we will overcome the storm, letting the PR kite flies highest against the wind.

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