3 factors for creative Facebook fanpage content

A good piece of content does not have to be written by a professional writer. Anyone can produce good content, as long as the writing is coherent, systematic, and consistent. Also, the writer must prevent causing boredom to the readers due to using unclear content.

One must learn to walk before they can run. For those new to the content domain, making it right will be the priority over writing creative content. As a result, before they wish to play with words, a writer must learn about the frameworks and principles of content creation pertaining to each channel.

3 factors for creative Facebook fanpage content

There are many factors that must be properly considered when writing social media content. To attract and satisfy the consumers, each channel will have its own requirements. You cannot use long-form content like a blog post as a Facebook caption. Also, your Facebook content shouldn’t be solely plain text articles, but it should be diversified into other formats such as minigames, videos, photographs, and so on.

So what are the prerequisites that contribute to the success of content creation for your Facebook fanpage?

  1. Personal pronoun

The personal pronoun used in the Facebook post will help to shape the brand’s story in accordance with its social media development strategy. The fanpage’s personal pronoun should be chosen based on its operating sector and its target audience. For example, the fanpage “Ba Di Nulo (Aunt Nulo)” is a fanpage that targets the young generation with insightful articles about Gen Z, such as work-life, love-life, and various advice to solve problems concerning Gen Z. The fanpage always addresses itself as “Aunt”, and the readers as “nieces/nephews” to create an intimate vibe to serve its purpose of sharing and giving advice to young people. Furthermore, football fanpages will refer to their audience as brothers, while beauty fanpages usually address their readers as sisters and other loving terms. It’s important to adhere to a title that you’ve decided on. A fanpage needs to use a consistent personal pronoun across all posts to enforce its identity. Changing the personal pronoun too frequently will jeopardize the fanpage content flow and interrupt the on-going conversations. 

  1. Posting frequency

Both consumers and page administrators will not reap value from a Facebook page that is only updated once per month or once per week. To act as a medium to connect the brand and its audience, the fanpage need a well-organized and regular posting plan. By doing so, you can establish for the audience the habit of reading your articles every day and supplying them with relatable information about their job and lives. One of the things that contribute to brand credibility and client trust is the regularity with which comprehensive postings are published.

  1. Diversify the content formats 

Aside from providing information, brands can diversify their fanpages with various ideas such as minigames, polling, or encouraging consumers to leave comments on the posts. However, brands must arrange the content logically to minimize repetition, which could cause weariness and frustration in the audience.

With the strong consumption of Facebook in life and work, it is not an exaggeration to state that a Facebook fanpage is just as important as a company’s website. The assistance of marketing analytics companies or an agency in content planning and writing can help brands make a distinct impact with their social media channels. Many brands and organizations have entrusted EloQ Communications with the creation of high-quality fanpage content.

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