Benefits of street team marketing strategy

In just 0.59 second, Google has found 865.000.000 results for the term: “Street team marketing”. Just what is “street team marketing” then?

In fact, “street team marketing” has existed for years and is considered as one of the most old-school direct marketing tactics. Yet, it has never been out-fashioned in the current fast-paced technological era. “Street team marketing” is still a popular marketing method globally. Vietnam is one country where this visual marketing model is adopted in integrated marketing campaigns.

In the heated city center, whether it is a crowded residential area, electronics retail stores, supermarkets, or shopping malls, it is almost inevitable to catch a group of youthful people in their beautiful and eye-catching uniform. These people welcome you to look at their kiosks and invite you to experience their products. With this kind of method, “street team marketing” allows brands to approach and connect with their target customers.

Why marketers choose “street team marketing” method over the others? Reasonable budget, simple planning process, and highly effective are top reasons to answer this question.

Fascinating ideas for street team marketing

At first sight, “street team marketing” is might seems so simple, however, it is actually quite challenging. While street team marketing is indeed the optimal method allowing consumers to directly interact with brands, and is highly effective in attracting people’s attention, many companies are adopting new and unique tactics to surprise and attract more pedestrians.

In order to run smooth street team marketing project, you should make sure that these following steps are included and executed correctly:


  1. Build a team that understand the objectives of the campaign and has high trust in the brand that they are working for.

Street marketing teams operate relatively independent, and the brand image is vested in their hands. Therefore, each individual in the team must understand the brand that they represent, meanwhile, business needs to clarify the objectives, rules, and procedure of the campaign to these members.

An individual of the marketing team plays the role of a brand ambassador, and also a friendly expert. That’s why without trust in the brand, street teams cannot endorse the product that they are representing. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that each member clearly understands the pros and cons of the product to successfully consult customers.

  1. Infuse joy into brand experience

Developed society causes people to immerse in work more than ever before. As a result, no one has enough patience to pay attention for too long. Then, how can the marketing team draw the attention of customers for seconds or even minutes? The answer is to give customers what they want, rather than just showing what you can offer.

Handing out freebies has always been being a good strategy. “Free” or “50% discount” are the magic words to attract people’s attention and curiosity. Freebies or free samples would surely benefit the branding campaign since people loves anything that’s free. Besides that, coupons, vouchers, or gift cards are also equally attractive.

  1. Identify the target market

A good marketing strategy will be wasted if the marketers fail in identifying the target market that the campaign. It is a must-have first step in every campaign. Marketers need to clarify the demographic, psychographic, geographic information, as well as customer behavior that influences their decision making.

  1. Schedule in details 

It makes no sense if a company runs a street team marketing in the street but without any passerbys. Street team marketing only works when it is hosted in a crowded street during rush hours.

Besides all the elements mentioned above, creativity is a need to avoid stereotyped and tedious events. The success of street team marketing can be measured by the number of customers visiting the kiosk, the number of products were handed out, or list of customers’ contacts…

As street team marketing can also be considered as an event-type of marketing, if your company is unconfident in hosting events, you can consider partner with a reliable marketing communications agency to support your street team marketing efforts.


Vi Mai is PR & Communications Manager at EloQ Communications. Vi has 10 years of experience working in journalism and social media marketing, and is currently working as a strategic planner for EloQ Communications.

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