EloQ Communications officially launches EloQ’s Newsroom

EloQ Communications is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our shiny new online newsroom, featuring all the press releases EloQ sent out for its clients and EloQ’s own releases.

This online platform, called EloQ’s newsroom, works as a news hub on our company website. While the current posts are in English and Vietnamese only, the newsroom will support news in multiple languages, including the language of the local market where the news is concerned. Press releases distributed by EloQ Communications to the local and regional media are published on the newsroom within 36 hours after first dissemination. All articles on this newsroom are manually submitted to Google and other search engines for indexing to increase the visibility, searchability and exposure.

“EloQ’s newsroom is a win-win service for our treasured clients and reporters,” said Clāra Ly-Le, our Managing Director. “This is a complimentary service for our clients to be recognized and found, beyond the regular press release distribution we offer. This is also a platform where the reporters can proactively identify new corporate updates and interesting news angles provided by our clients.”

“We’re very excited to launch this newsroom,” added Duy Ly, our Head of External Relations. “We encourage our clients, media and business partners to utilize our newsroom to keep informed of progresses and updates in Vietnam and the ASEAN region. Of course, we’re still in our very early stage of the newsroom service, so more features, such as social media integration, event calendar or media library, will be added later; and your feedback are extremely important to us.”


See the full release of this announcement in our Newsroom in Vietnamese and English.

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