Let “Mị” tell you something: A guide to million-views-Tết-commercial-MVs

Tết is on its way

Tết has come to our heart

(Tết from my country side – Từ Huy)

*TN: Tết is traditional lunar new year celebration in Vietnam

And it also comes in commercial rhythms racing on every corner of the city during this Tết holiday.

Spring is coming, and every brand wants an MV

Tết is the biggest shopping season for Vietnamese people, when everyone is willing to open their wallet without thinking, as “it’s the new year.” As reported by Kantar Worldpanel, Vietnamese consumers spent 46 thousand billion dong (1.97 billion USD) on FMCG in 4 weeks prior to 2019 lunar new year, accounting for approximately 1% of the whole year GDP, and twice the sales of any other month. Of course, brands cannot turn a blind eye on this peak season, and they are pouring their best effort on extraordinary marketing and advertising campaigns.

With 50 million people frequently use social media at an average of 2.5 hours online daily, internet is a potential platform to reach the majority of consumers. Further, Vietnam is among the top 5 countries worldwide with the highest Youtube streaming time, and Youtube is the second most-used social media platform, just after Facebook.

During last year Tết holiday, Youtube witnessed a rocketed six-time increase in search volumn in the Vietnam market, from Nov 2018 to Feb 2019 – in accordance with the most bustling shopping season of the year.

Music marketing during Tết has become a norm in recent years, but none can be compared to this Year of the Metal Rat 2020. With catchy rhythms, memorable lyrics, vivid images of Tết with a touch of spring liveliness, meaningful messages – Tết commercial MVs catch the eyes of consumers. Many commercial MVs were even considered as genuine music products, received many praises and were covered and viewed by many people. These are things that a normal commercial wouldn’t dare to dream of.

To make commercial MV as exciting as Tết

No longer a “special dish on the menu,” Tết commercial has to be a “delicacy” to draw attention. Creative comes in many forms, but the main “ingredient” to success must include the following factors.

Celebrities line-up that “rocks the online world”

Celebs “in high demand” for this year commercial MV include Trúc Nhân, with “Sales me you old problems” for Mirinda got in Top 1 most viewed video in 24 hours, and Youtube trending. He also worked with Samsung in “Enjoy big Tết” and Knorr with “Nothing is sweeter than the hometown Tết flavor”, afer a very successful year with two MV “Your husband is gay” (55.5 million view) and “Grown up don’t cry” (nearly 34 million view).

Playing lead role, aka “the view magnet” of Tết commercial MV are all stars who stayed active in V-biz in 2019. One star is “hot”, when many stars gather, the viral effect would multiply.

Biti’s Hunter “Leave to return” MV season 4 blew in a new breeze of air with the collaboration between singer Soobin Hoàng Sơn and Phan Mạnh Quỳnh, composer of the recent hit “Some boy wrote on the tree” in the movie “Dreamy eyes.” Hoàng Thùy Linh, the pop singer who mixed traditional elements and modern music in her impressive “Hoàng” album, collaborated with two male vocals from the underground world, Justatee and Đen Vâu, in the fast-paced rhythm of “Why make a fuss” commercial for ViettelPay. Cast member of Vietnamese “Running Man” – Trương Thế Vinh, Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, Liên Bỉnh Phát and Jun Phạm – joined together in the musical “Lang Liêu epilogue” to send the blessing message from Vinasoy, etc.

Saying for people’s heart during Tết

When “Tết appears out of nowhere”, Vietnamese people are burdened with mixed feelings: running out of money for Tết spending, gaining weight, or facing difficult questions “How much is your salary?”, “Do you receive a lot of bonus?”, “Where’s your girl friend/boy friend?”, “When will you get married?”

Generali’s short film understands the insight and empathizes with young generation, whose pressure to follow social norms and family expectations gradually make them forget their dreams. The name “Live as you wish” emphasizes their desires to live the life they want, but it is also an elegant word play for a commercial from an Italian insurance company. (TN: “Ý” in Vietnamese means “wish/desire” and also means “Italian”).

Bích Phương “welcomes Tết” with overloaded housework burdens of house wives who “fear Tết as they fear their mother-in-law”, and reflect their wish to have a relaxing new year with Co.opmart is by their side. Mirinda became the “peace keeper,” leaving behind all the sadness and frustration in the old year, letting refreshing laughter enter the new year.

“Why make a fuss” (ViettelPay) reflects an “emergency” when Tết arrives but cash has run out. Understanding the fear of putting on weight during Tết, Oolong Tea+ Plus delivered the message “Stay slim while enjoying Tết” through the comical voice and acting of Kay Trần.

The ongoing “medley” every Tết

Starting with Biti’s Hunter series of “Leave to return” introduced in 2017, many brands have created a consistent annual theme and released new MVs every new year. ViettelPay collaborated with underground voices for the second time to raise the money problem during Tết. Mirinda delivered the message “Forget the old stories” through Bích Phương (2019) and Trúc Nhân (2020), while Samsung coincidently chose the same two artists for “Enjoy big Tết” in 2019 and 2020…

The annual release of commercial MV has created anticipation for the new MV releases from brand’s loyal consumers, and has increased brand coverage and influence. However, like people get tired of eating the same food, when pursuing the same theme, commercial MV find it harder to leave an impression if there’s no surprising or creative element. That means there’ll be more challenges to come for marketers.

But that is a long-term story. For now, let’s toast to a triumphant season of Tết for the million viewed commercial MVs.


Nhung Do is currently a copywriter at EloQ Communications. She has more than 10 years of experience in writing, teaching, and content creating. Her first book is “Fox fire in the sky – 100 tales about Finland”, which presents her best cultural experience in the hometown of Santa Claus.



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