5 mistakes to avoid when managing a Facebook fanpage

As Facebook becomes so popular, managing a Facebook fanpage seems to be easy. However, taking care of an organization’s Facebook fanpage is no simple task.

Every business wants to maintain engagement and relationships with customers. Nowadays, Facebook is the most common social media channel that Vietnamese companies use to stay in touch with customers and convey their messages. Almost all companies have at least one account on the world’s most popular social media platform. However, few organizations understand how to effectively manage their fanpages and are prone to making costly mistakes. In this article, EloQ Communications will point out the common mistakes businesses make while managing their Facebook page.

  1. Not standing in the customers’ shoes

The objectives of establishing a Facebook fanpage are to build the company image, convey messages, and attract customers’ attention. However, many businesses tend to concentrate solely on polishing the company’s brand image and providing branded content, while neglecting what their customers want to see. Different businesses have different ways to develop content direction and express its messages, but in general, every brand should pay attention to consumers’ insights and needs in order to approach them and add value through online content. Each customer segment will have its own concerns, so you’ll need to concentrate on identifying consumers’ pain points to improve your brand utility and sales.

  1. Not diversifying the content

It is very important to build a well-organized article with lots of useful information, but plain text writing is not enough to bring your fanpage out of the comfort zone, and it’s nowhere near to leaving a lasting impression on customers. Therefore, you need to experiment with all kinds of content and forms to find out the best way to capture the attention of your customers. Creating a good content strategy includes integrating various presentations, such as infographics, videos, photos, and more… Which means that the only limit here is to how far your imagination goes. Nowadays, Facebook even allows you to post GIFs – a common format to visualize fun/ interesting content, or interactive polls and surveys that are easy to create engagement with customers.

  1. Not optimizing business information and image

Besides having a regular and diversified posting schedule, filling out basic information in the ‘about’ section will add credibility to your company. In this section, you should provide contact information, a description of the company’s services, and a list of the company’s accomplishments and awards. Furthermore, images uploaded to the fanpage should be properly chosen and include the company’s logo to boose brand awareness. Many businesses make mistakes to overlook these little details as they concentrate solely on their postings and content.

  1. Not using Facebook ads to increase the effectiveness of fanpage

Brands can freely produce creative content and communicate their messages on Facebook. However, the number of consumers who see and engage with the brand’s fanpage and posts cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, brands should employ Facebook ads to enhance the efficacy of postings and boost consumer involvement with the content. Using Facebook’s Ad Manager, brands can control budget allocation, target specific locations and segment the audiences using the listed features. As a result, think about how you might use this beneficial tool to bring more success to your company. 

  1. Not interacting with consumers

Without frequent monitoring the page, the brand might miss customers’ direct messages and comments. You should respond to comments and private messages in a professional and friendly tone of voice to create comfort for your followers. They will be more likely to listen to brand stories and share branded content. Remember to include calls to action, such as leaving comments, sending reactions, and so on. This will help customers develop a habit of communicating with your company. 

EloQ Communications is confident to solve your problems in planning and generating ideas for your social media content, as well as assist you to increase fanpage engagement while target the right customer insight. Social media management is one of our areas of expertise, with major projects such as Vietnam Recycled, Holiday Inn & Suit Saigon Airport, Nok Air Vietnam, and many more. Now is the perfect time to learn more about EloQ Communications’ social management solution.

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