An agency position – a new direction for young, dynamic people

The public relations industry is divided into two types of workplace, agency and internal or in-house PR. Each place has its own pros and cons, deciding which career path to pursue is one of the first and most difficult decisions that PR professionals should consider.

Questions about career advancement, salary, company culture, work – life balance, or nature of the job factor into choosing the right career path for each person. Sometimes, you will have the opportunity to experience both types of work for a while before deciding to work where you prefer. In fact, many internal PR positions even require some work experience at agencies, at least six months to a year.

Let’s learn more about the advantages of working in a PR agency with EloQ Communications!

Work in most PR agencies are diverse, including media relations, crisis management, community relations, market research, integrated marketing communications, and more. In addition, when working at agencies, you will be responsible for managing PR campaigns of different clients at the same time, and of course, each customer has their own needs, personalities and branding. As a result, you will accumulate rich experience in many fields and the ability to flexibly adapt to the working environment. Organizational skills and the ability to multitask will be the key to help you manage the strategies and time to complete the campaigns. You should understand that every client, whether how small or large their business is, will want them to be a top priority.

Breadth and depth in the nature of the job

Beside the permanent clients, agencies often have a rotating client portfolio. This means that your agency can be hired to work for a short-term campaign like a specific product launch or promotion. Therefore, depending on the size and type of agency, you will have the opportunity to work with several different companies or brands. When new customers come to your agency, understanding the market is the most important to them, and you must be able to adapt quickly to understand their PR goals and business strategy. This work will also introduce you to a broad scope of a copywriter (or content writer) or producer, who can use the voice and text that match the brand you are representing. The environment of agency typically is fast-paced, and often gives you the opportunity to experience collaborating with businesses in several industries and using a variety of skills. Eventually, it helps you focus on your career path better.

Potential for professional development

Many PR graduates often see agencies as the start-up of their career path, with the opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experience quickly and fiercely. Of course, agencies can give you more promotion opportunities. In particular, the agency also has an Account position (Project Management) that allows you to work directly with customers, improve negotiating skill and build close relationships with clients. If you love writing, you can join PR or Copywriter to use your words to promote the brand that your company represents the media.

Express your values ​​at work

As a PR professional whether working at a specific agency or company, it’s important that you set the benchmarks for the success of all the campaigns you plan on, also known as key performance indicators (KPI). Regardless of where you “hang” your PR hat, you are responsible for knowing and understanding the overall goals of the company or brand you are representing to plan PR activities. At agencies, you will easily show your ability and value. The diversity of clients and the flexibility in the work process will help you learn many diverse skills and promote your best skills.

If you prefer a fast-paced environment, the opportunity to work in various industries and build an assorted portfolio of PR projects, then agencies will be the ideal workplace for you.

Applying for PR agencies is a great start for new graduates to check out the working environment that suits their personalities.

EloQ Communications is currently looking for dynamic young people who pay interest in PR industry, with many opening positions. To find more information about the agency, please visit To apply, do not hesitate to send your resume to HR:


Lien Luc is currently PR Communications executive at EloQ Communications, handling content development and social content management for Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport, Grab, MDIS, University of Arizona and BestPrice Travel.

EloQ Communications is a leading agency in public relations (PR) and integrated marketing communications (IMC) based in Ho Chi Minh City. EloQ has experience in cooperating with foreign companies doing business in Vietnam, including many diverse customers from more than 30 countries and territories, including Fortune 500 companies, many multinational corporations and domestic companies.

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