Highlights from EloQ Communications in March 2020

In March 2020, EloQ Communications has released the following news:

1. EloQ Communications encourages employees and partners to delete email to protect the environment

By deleting spam or unnecessary emails, our friends and partners can reduce CO2 emissions by data centers which store these emails. Environmental protection activities are not restricted outdoor activities or by limiting material waste, but “digital pollution” is also an issue that is gaining global attention. By deleting email, we can help reduce pollution while keeping social distance.

English version: https://news.eloqasia.com/?p=434

Vietnamese version: https://news.eloqasia.com/?p=411

2. EloQ Communications gives tips on business communications during time of COVID-19 pandemic

EloQ Communications now provides a dedicated blog series on business communications during time of COVID-19 pandemic, which update on the latest news and identify effective communications practices. The current content focuses on Vietnam market, but it will soon be expanded to cover the different reactions and business communications cases around the globe.

English version: https://news.eloqasia.com/?p=420

Vietnamese version: https://news.eloqasia.com/?p=429

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