What to keep in mind when doing B2B PR in Vietnam?

From a certain perspective, doing PR for B2B and B2C businesses are relatively similar. However, there are still differences in these two types of PR: first, the targeted customers, and then, the approach through promotional channels. The author of this article would like to mention a few notes when applying the PR model B2B in the Vietnam market.

B2B PR focuses on business clients, and the goal is to sell products to corporate entities. Understanding who the customers are from which to sell products is the key to the B2B model. Therefore, in-depth market research is a prerequisite that businesses are operating or having a development direction in Vietnam need to understand. This process includes who needs to reach who, their competitors in the local market or find potential partners. These studies will help businesses choose the right PR strategy, even the best for their business activities.

Content is king. This is considered the most important part that businesses need to focus on. Depending on each stage in the process of approaching customers, businesses will give appropriate messages to meet the current needs of customers. Remember, corporate customers have different characteristics from those who are ordinary consumers in society. Choose a content that is deeply, seriously and intelligent, but equally witty if you want to get closer to your potential customers.

Building a good and long-term relationship with the Vietnamese press. Journalists are the information bridge between readers and businesses. Making friends with journalists will give businesses a lot of market knowledge and insight in providing appropriate PR content for each of their media campaigns. Also, a good relationship with journalists will also contribute to limiting the media crises that businesses may face.

CSR activities brings better brand recognition to B2B media campaigns in Vietnam. These activities not only bring sympathetic views from consumers but also from other businesses. From those activities, B2B businesses can find potential partners. On the other hand, the mainstream media in Vietnam are very interested in the contribution of businesses to social activities, and the name of the brand can be mentioned in the newspapers to increase awareness. Certainly, the news or articles related to CSR will bring more lasting value.

Collaboration with influencers (KOLs / influencers) and experts in the field in Vietnam for communication strategies are also considered to bring many benefits to corporate to build brand awareness. However, B2B businesses should caution when using celebrities for PR campaigns because it requires characters with a clean background, a high level of expertise, as well as education level, is also important because celebrities will act as your brand ambassadors and will be spokespersons in the media.

Finally, yet most importantly, choose a reputable PR agency. Looking to PR agencies will help businesses save budgets and limit internal pressure on the company’s personnel, especially the Marketing Department. On the other hand, PR agencies can provide extensive and thorough market research materials because they have experience working in different fields and have a more objective view of the domestic market. As a result, they will offer the most effective and suitable PR campaigns to reach targeted customers.


Lien Luc is currently PR Communications executive at EloQ Communications, handling content development and social content management for Holiday Inn & Suites Saigon Airport, Grab, MDIS, University of Arizona and BestPrice Travel.

EloQ Communications is a leading agency in public relations (PR) and integrated marketing communications (IMC) based in Ho Chi Minh City. EloQ has experience in cooperating with foreign companies doing business in Vietnam, including many diverse customers from more than 30 countries and territories, including Fortune 500 companies, many multinational corporations and domestic companies.

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